The person in charge of the Guild Bank.

Position held by: Vortega

It is the job of the Treasurer to oversee all matters related to the guild finances and distribution of supplies. The Treasurer manages the gold balance available to the guild, controls debt, funding of all guild activities including each of its branches as well as making sure that there is no over-spending. Material property of the guild is also handled by the Treasurer.


To be on these lists, you must have extensive knowledge of your craft. More than one person can have one of these titles, and a single person can have more than one title.
((this is only for people who are skilled in a profession both IC and OOC))


Suppliers of multiple crafting materials.

  • Fishing -
  • Foraging -
  • Herbalism - Dominique
  • Hunting -
  • Ink Maker -
  • Mining -
  • Prospecting - Kouniam
  • Skinning -


Skilled craftspeople in a variety of areas.

  • Alchemy - Dominique
  • Blacksmithing - Zelcandor
  • Cooking - Dominique
  • Enchanting - 
  • Engineering - 
  • Inscription - 
  • Jewelcrafting - Kouniam
  • Leatherworking - 
  • Tailoring -