GW Dom S
Basic Information
Armory Dominique
Title Archon
Full Name Dominique Vida
Nickname Dom
Race Human
Gender Female
Age Looks around 25

I have just copied in her Argent Archives page for now, and added a little bit here and there. When I have more time I will reveal a whole lot more about this secretive lady.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Dom is long and lean, and has fairly good posture. She walks quietly and her movements are smooth and calculated.

Her long, mostly straight, usually jet black hair, is now roughly bleached and is generally left to hang loosely. Her skin is pale and unblemished except for some scarring on her inner thigh, which is rarely seen due to it's location. Her lips are lightly coloured red as if stained by berries and when you look closely, you'll notice a slight overbite.

She carries a silver rose ring with a black enamel V, which she wears either on her finger or in a string around her neck. She wears no other jewelry except for a plain metal band on each wrist, seemingly with no joining.

She generally speaks softly with a warm tone and her default expression is a polite smile masking her personal thoughts and emotions.


In public is polite and friendly, and she always reserves judgement for people no matter the race or background. When it comes to Horde races specifically, she treats them with some apprehension at the moment, but othewise the exact same as she would anyone else. She can be very patient and understanding, especially as it has not been long since she herself was judged on what she was instead of whom. This also means she's more acceptable of Death Knights than most would be.

In private she is much more open and willing to share her opinions. She has spent most of her days traveling alone or with a single companion, so she is unused to the terms of a normal friendship, which makes for some uncomfortable situations at times. But she is generally kind and eager to help anyone in need.

She values trust, candor and open-mindedness and dislikes rash behaviour.


She wears either elegantly tailored clothes or well worn but expertly crafted and fitted leather armour, indicating some wealth, but also independence and battle experience.

Her accent is generic and replaceable, not giving any clues to a birthplace or home. She seems able to quickly assimilate the local accent and locution if needed, and does it naturally to a certain extent. She's more inclined to speak in the same manner as people around her though, whereas her accent remains the same for the most part.

Past TitlesEdit

to be explained

  • Knight of Lordaeron
  • Silver Hand Initiate
  • Citizen Liaison officer of Theramore
  • Stand-in Steward of Theramore
  • Liaison officer of Valiance
  • Seneschal of Lightsworn