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Previously a Draenic elite force, Immortalis is now a private military order in service of the Alliance, composed of members from all its races and from multiple backgrounds. The guild focuses on defending the interests of the Alliance by fighting its enemies and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

Guild leadership is done by a group of trusted and experienced people, collectively known as the Exarch Council. They decide the long term path that our guild follows along with our goals.

The structure of the guild is still based in it's Draenic roots, but evolved to suit a life on Azeroth with human leadership.

Around the 4th anniversary of the guild, Immortalis underwent a dimensional shift as a result of a fierce battle with the echo of the Old God, Y'shaarj. The members refer to this event as the Crossing and it has had a deep impact on morale within the ranks.


These are the default ranks given to every member of Immortalis.
They are separated into three different categories:

Exarch CouncilEdit

The council manages Immortalis and is listed in order of hierarchical status - The Archons answer to The Exarch and Primarch, The Exarch only answers to the Primarch, the Primarch has ultimate say in All matters.

  1. Primarch - Guild Master
  2. Exarch - Officer
  3. Archon - Manager


The Members have different ranks depending on their time in the guild. Special services are rewarded with extra privileges, but otherwise all Members are equal.

  1. Vanquisher - Raider
  2. Pentrarch - Veteran
  3. Praetor - Member
  4. Venator - New Member
  5. Ancillarch - Officer Alt / Manager Alt
  6. Ancilla - Member Alt


  1. Naughty Corner - Inactive / Limited Access

Branches and SpecialisationsEdit

The guild itself has a variety of specialized branches of which members are part of. It is entirely possible for anyone to take place in more than one of these and the branches themselves have a certain degree of hierarchical structure. Nevertheless, all branches without exception answer to the Exarch Council and the Guild Master.

These are for RP purposes only and have little to no influence to our OOC workings. If you wish to create a branch for IC purposes please contact Dominique, Kouniam or Vigmod about it in a PM. This is encouraged!

Below is a list of the Branches

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