The Archives are a set of magically amplified hallways and chambers that were created by Qialynna and Kouniam around November 2008 when the Athanatoi Headquarters was moved to Westguard Keep. All of the records of the previous and much smaller Archives at Nethergarde Keep were transferred and placed within the new location. The Archives are open to anyone who might want to visit them with some of the areas being restricted to members of the military organization, it is staffed by a Head Archivist and up to five Archivists all of which answer to the Exarch Council; nevertheless, full control of the Archives is exclusively held by the Head Archivist, the Exarch Council and of course, Highlord Stormdrake.

The portal to the Archives was originally placed in Westguard Keep. After the Cataclysm it was conveniently moved to Stormwind City. As the Pandaria Campaign rages on, the current entrance is at the Shrine of Seven Stars.

For directions go to the Archive Map.

Archive Map Image

The LobbyEdit

This is the first room of the Archives. It holds some working desks including the Head Archivist’s desk, even though it’s rarely used. The chamber is decorated in dark blue, gold and white, just like the majority of the Archives. A set of stairs leads to a large archway to the Central Chamber.


The Central ChamberEdit

This is a large circular room and the core of the public library. It has four archways that lead to Lobby and the three hallways that make the Library as well as being a spire. At the very center there is the main database access that allows for fast searching of the library contents. Large benches overlook the main database access and the room is decorated with sharp and shinny crystals.

Chamber Plans

Archive HallwaysEdit

Each one of the three hallways have a length of 58 meters, 36 bookshelves, 5 reading tables along the center and one reading room at the end (except for the Generalis Hallway). The reading rooms are semi-circular chambers that contain tables and a database access. They also have large windows that allows for a nice view of Howling Fjord (spectacular three-dimensional illusions made by Qia so you’d feel home).

  • Naturalis – The hallway at the left of the lobby archway is where advanced natural sciences related content is located. From physics to biology, magic study and ley line behavior and some studies performed by the Archivists are also included.
  • Humanitas – The hallway at the right of the lobby archway is where advanced social studies related content is located. From history to philosophy, cultural memoirs and tales of the old are kept here along with studies of the Archivists.
  • Generalis – This hallway is directly in front of the lobby archway and is where all kind of subjects can be found. They are mostly introductory or intermediate level documents conceived for relative easy understanding. At the end of this hallway are the Analysis Room and two corridors, at left and right.

Hallway Plans (general example)
Hallway Reading Room (general example)

Analysis RoomEdit

An hermetic sealed room under fully controlled conditions. There is no way to enter this room except from the maintenance access, only samples for analysis can be placed inside using one of the two special consoles for the effect. It is staffed by two mechagnomes: Gizmo and Gyroc.

Room Plans

Eastern Corridor and AntechamberEdit

This corridor leads to the laboratories that are staffed by the Archivists and to the eastern Antechamber. This is a major hub for members of Immortalis that await a briefing in the War Room. The Antechamber has many benches but it’s mostly a large open area, a set of stairs leads to the Restricted Section of the Archives and a console allows for members to request specific items from this section or to place items under custody of the Reliquary.

Corridor and Antechamber Plans

The War RoomEdit

A large and well lit amphitheater where military strategies are discussed and explained to members of Immortalis that will take part of an important battle or assault. A large, round holographic projector lies on the ground and is used by the Exarchs to explain tactics and encounters in detail. It is open most of the time with pre-loaded files so anyone can access them.

Room Plans

The Restricted SectionEdit

Unlike most of the Archives, this room has forbidden entry to anyone except the Head Archivist, the Exarchs and the Guild Master. Visitors are allowed exclusively when under supervision by either of the three and a signed petition is required. The decoration set is also very characteristic; the large chamber is of a bloodied red and black unlike the regular blue and gold of the public areas. It holds any document that has been classified to be unsafe for public access for whatever reason one of the three may have decided. Within it also lies the Reliquary, a very tightly sealed chamber under many protective spells and security tricks. It holds both important and irrelevant artifacts as well as dangerous and mysterious relics. These are studied by the Archivists, most specifically the Head Archivist.

Section and Reliquary Plans

Western Corridor and AntechamberEdit

This corridor leads to the Archivist's Chambers and to the western Antechamber, a set of stairs leads to the upper floor where the Exarch Council has their private quarters. This particular section of the Archives is very exclusive, the Antechamber is still mostly open to members of Immortalis but it’s hardly a location to socialize, it mostly is where some awat to see the Exarch Council or where some gossip happens. The Antechamber leads towards the Security Room which can be staffed by two of the Archivists and a corridor leads to the Main Database and Exarch Council Chamber.

(Mimics the Eastern Section).

Security RoomEdit

This pure white room is where most of the controls to the defensive spells and mechanical security systems are located. From this room the Archivists can detect any security fault and control the problem quickly and as efficiently as possible. It is mostly off limits to anyone but the Archivists. Underneath it is also the Archives Power Core.

Exarch Council ChamberEdit

A beautiful white spherical glass room, this is where the Exarch Council meets and discusses their everyday affairs. It holds a total of seven seats which are used by the current Exarch Council members (As of now, Zelcandor). The room is accessed by a long corridor and the magical illusion set outside the chamber lets the viewer experience the (former) beauty of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, looking like the chamber is floating high above the vale.

Council Chamber Plans

Main DatabaseEdit

Located in the lower levels, underneath the Exarch Council Chamber, the Main Database holds the machinery and the Power Core. It’s where the Archivists update the search systems, control the analysis history, the holographic recordings of both raid strategies and security logs (among others). It cannot be accessed by anyone but the Archivists and occasional engineers for repairs.

Archivist's ChambersEdit

The majority of these set of private chambers are of exclusive use of the Head Archivist. It holds a meeting room which works as an office for the Head Archivist, a living room, bedroom, bathroom and personal lock rooms. An adjacent room works as a living quarters for the other Archivists. The decoration varies with current Archivist as well as contents.

Archivist's Quarters (Current)

Head Archivist HistoryEdit

There have been quite some people holding the position of Head Archivists. Each one contributed in their own way to the Archives and have had their own way of handling them. Here follows a list;

  • Qialynna Chionaetes (since Archives creation – January 2009)
  • Kouniam Nikulin (January 2009 – May 2009)
  • Kall Sprangler-Darksprocket (May 2009 – April 2010)
  • None (April 2010 – June 2010)
  • Kouniam Nikulin (June 2010 – present)

Archivist TeamsEdit

Under each of the Head Archivists there have been others that helped run the archives. The current reforms made to the archivist team by Kouniam actualy increased the number of active staff for a more efficient management.

  • Qialynna Chionaetes (Head Archivist/Head Researcher), Kouniam Nikulin (Assistant Archivist);
  • Kouniam Nikulin (Head Archivist), Dunxie Gigafluxator (Head Researcher/Assistant Archivist);
  • Kall Sprangler-Darksprocket (Head Archivist and Researcher);
  • Kouniam Nikulin (Head Archivist), Vortega (Assistant Archivist), Sherrim (Head Researcher), Deadren (Head of Security), Beldanor (Researcher and Archivist - Naturalis), Dhinarea (Researcher and Archivist - Humanitas);
  • Kouniam Nikulin (Head Archivist), Izhuara (Assistant Archivist), Ðaz (Head of Security). [positions open - contact the Head Archivist].


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